The Design


Inspired by nature was and is still our approach, if we develop new products. If it comes down to frequencies, nature provides us with lots of answers on questions, we mainly still doubt.

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The History


In the field of PEMF-technology a lot of systems appeared on the market for home use within the last 10 years. Only less systems were constructed under the premise of providing a evidence based PEMF ...

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The System


Learn more about the complete iMRS technology, all the available options and a particular comparison chart to get a full understanding of the module based concept.

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The Vision


Our vision for the iMRS was to create a symbiosis between intelligent, breathtaking design and state of the art wellness-technology with easy handling and highest performance.

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  • Glossary

    HRV | Brainwave-Entrainment | PEMF | Earth's Magnetic Field | Electrosmog | Wave Forms | Chinese Organ Clock

  • Education

    Get a brief inside view on the history, science and benefits of low PEMF's. Learn about the correlation between applied electromagnetic energy and it´s effects on human organisms.

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    How to purchase Swiss Bionic Solutions Products (iMRS, iMRS fauna, Omnium1, SkinDream TITANIUM)

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    Alan Kay
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